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Welcome to the UKWebAd Cycle Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best Cycle Books and DVDs.

The books and dvds can be purchased by clicking on the “Check Price and Buy It” link below the review. Purchase is in association with Amazon so you can be sure of secure online payment and fast delivery.

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ISBN 1864500379

This guide, like all other Lonely Planet guides, contains the essentials you need to know about Britain before travelling, as well as essential facts for cyclists, including many specialist cycling organisations and contacts. It is good also to see sections dealing with cycling specific health and safety issues, as well as a basic but thorough, and easy to understand, guide to bicycle selection and maintenance.

ISBN 0711027056

Essential information on the many miles of paths and lanes on which to cycle safely, away from the dangers and pollution caused by cars - routes often close to many of the most attractive features of the landscape.

ISBN 0007191839

Lance Armstrong's achievement (as vividly detailed in Daniel Coyle's Lance Armstrong: Tour de Force) has been one of the most astonishing in recent sporting history, not least for the reasons detailed in the book's strapline: tough guys, flawed heroes and one man's battle for ultimate supremacy. This is the remarkable story of a man who triumphed over all the odds -- a behind-the-scenes record of the 2004 professional cycling season and the manner in which Armstrong landed his sixth Tour de France victory. What makes the book particularly inspiring is the fact that Armstrong is no superman -- he talks about the many strikes against him (his age, the dissolving of his team and -- most of all -- his triumph over potentially lethal illness (his struggle against cancer is, of course, well-known).

ISBN 0875963005

I am pretty impressed with this book, when I first flicked through the pages I was a bit dissapointed at its slightly 'out of date' look that was mostly reflected in the pictures. However when I started reading it, it's really quite hard to put down. There are a lot of tips and tricks for every possible aspect of mountain biking, it even has some training routines. The great thing about this book is it gets you out on your bike trying things you never wanted/thought you could do. Also, you end up going back to it time and time again and reading pages that you didn't read before, like tips on altitude, winter riding and building up to racing.

ISBN 0684844435

More people are taking to the roads or exploring the wilderness on bicycles. This text provides advice on preventing and treating all kinds of bicycling-related aches and pains. It explains how to diagnose problems, offers solutions and alerts readers to conditions that require medical attention. This book does not deal with training programs. Its sole focus is on riders health, what makes a good cyclist,vo2 max, power etc what role each plays in performance how to improve these in general terms Finally it deals in depth with how to take care of your health with FAQ and advice. An excellent book if you are any way curious about what training is really about. A huge amount of information for the beginner or most experienced rider.

ISBN 0736056246

I purchased this book recently as I felt my MTB skills were somewhat lacking, particularly with regards to switchbacks, drop-offs and jumps. This book is well laid out, with fantastic photography, detailed instructions that are for once easy to follow in conjunction with the photographs. The book is also written with a huge element of humour, and I found myself laughing aloud at the comments and language. I have already gained some speed and control since reading this book, which in my humble opinion is an excellent addition to any mountain biker's library, whether you call yourself a cross country rider, a downhiller, weekend warrior or stunt king!

ISBN 193138259X

The reference guide to mountain bike maintenance and repair. Over 360 illustrations. Basic, step-by-step instructions for regular maintenance plus in-depth instructions for front & rear shocks and suspension. Sections on how to build wheels and maintain and set up disc brakes. How to choose a bike' including fitting and sizing. Problem solving and Shimano's latest. Complete bolt tightening specifications.


Tells the incredible story of Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong

ISBN 0875964869

Take your road cycling to the next level with the newest techniques, equipment and skills from Bicycling Magazine. After the surge of interest in mountain biking, road cycling is in the ascendant again.

ISBN 095470410X

Most guide books simply give selected routes and maps, this one is refreshingly different. It lists areas within the UK where there is good biking, tells you what the riding's like there, what maps you need and suggests routes in very broad terms. You then need to get the relevent maps out and plan a detailed route yourself. The downside of this is you need to competent in map reading but the plus side is the guide book covers the whole UK.

ISBN 0071360190

With the latest on bikes, gear, training techniques, and with new coverage of short tours, group rides, and touring internationally, this new edition of The Essential Touring Cyclist will appeal to a whole new population of aspiring cyclists. Written by a cyclist with thousands of miles on the road, including a months-long California to Maine trek and a tour of Iceland, this thorough, comprehensive, and empathetic guide covers everything an aspiring cyclist needs, from choosing a bike and equipping it, training, health and safety issues, packing for a weekend or a month, touring solo or with groups, repairs, and an extensive resource section.

ISBN 1859603009

Combining factual information on the major cycling events and personalities, with practical advice for cyclists of all standards and abilities, this book covers all the classic events, including the tour de France, Paris-Roubaix and RAAM expanding on both the history and the heroes. The technology of the latest racing bikes is fully explained, with practical advice on what to buy and what to avoid. The workshop section shows how to maintain a racing bike as well as everything you need to know to go faster.

ISBN 1864500360

In Lonely Planet: Cycling France, Lonely Planet has created an excellent guide, chock-full of itineraries, maps, and information and advice for those who want to get off the bus and set their own pace. They've mapped out the best rides in the country for neophytes, veterans and off-roaders, with itineraries ranging from a few hours to two months.

ISBN 1740593162

Covering both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, this travel guide includes information on: history, culture, politics, architecture and the arts. It also features an Irish-English language section and an activities chapter.

ISBN 1740593154

Visit Roman ruins, study the art of the Renaissance, stay in medieval hilltowns, go mountaineering in the Alps, participate in traditional festivals and visit beautiful churches. This comprehensive guide includes a range of options for places to stay and eat, as well as details on getting around the country.


The filming of the riding instruction bits is pretty good there are no sound problems and the video quality is good. As for the acctual instruction, it's all sound advice and is clearly and simply explained. There are some good riding sections thoughout that break up the film a bit and help it avoid feeling like a school video. The riding technique is very much aimed at freeride and downhill skills with some jumping, but having said that there is plenty to learn in there for XC and trails riders like cornering and speed hops, and obviously the workshop section applys to all bikes. If you ride mountain bikes then this is certain to help your riding and maintanence skills, so is well worth the money.


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